Fees and Services

Area Services & Fees (prices subject to GST)
Small Dog Boarding Kennels Individual – $22.75/night
Shared – $22.75/night for 1st dog – $19.25/night for 2nd dog
Large Dog Boarding Kennels Individual -$24.75/night
Shared – $24.75/night for 1st dog – $21.50/ night for 2nd dog
Dog Rooms Individual – $33.25/night
Family Rate – $55.25/night for 2 dogs – $19.75/night for 3rd dog
Daycare Fees – 11 Hrs maximum – Based on space availability All dogs– $17.75/day, Any pets over 11 hours will be charged full day rates
2 pets in the same run – $17.75 for 1st pet – $14.50 for 2nd pet
 Cat Boarding
 Individual Kennel– $15.50/night
Kennels – 2 or more – $15.50/ night for the 1st pet $13.25 night for the 2nd pet
 Reduced Fees  Reduction applicable on fees – Commencing on the 15th day and on
10% reduction given after 14 day stay
Boarding – Dog/Cat same family
 1 dog 1 cat daily dog rate will apply – cat rate of $13.25/day
Additional Services
– Pills/Oral – $ 2.00/day

Stuffed KONG (peanut butter filled) – $3.00 each

Services included in Boarding Fees Baths as required
Toys to play with
Daily playing
resting times
Covered outdoor kennels
Turn out pens
Stainless Steel food & water dishes
Large Condo suites for cats
Inside play area for cats